Get control of your inbox using filters in Mail

We're all inundated with different types of e-mail each day. iOS 10 has included a handy feature that can help you get to the e-mails you most want to see in your Inbox using Mail.

Think fast! 3 games that’ll test your reaction time

There's nothing like a fast paced, action game that requires you to think quickly. These exhilarating games will make you want to play over and over again, and could also have you wanting to rip your hair out!

Episode 16: Stickers, camera apps, weight loss apps, and more

This week on the App Factor Podcast, Justin and Brian talk about their favorite sticker packs, shooting photos in RAW and photo effects, weight loss apps, and paying for apps.

How to search for and send GIFs with Messages in iOS...

In the latest update to iOS, Apple has included a easy feature that lets you search for and send GIFs without ever having to leave the Messages app or have a 3rd party keyboard installed.

3 useful Safari tips in iOS 10

iOS 10 has brought a bunch of helpful features to Apple's Safari browser. If you'd like to save time while browsing, check out these 3 useful tips.

50 pounds down: How I used the iPhone and Apple Watch...

About half a year ago I was tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds. Every day I thought I might have a heart attack. I knew I had to get in control of my health and my weight. Thats where the iPhone and Apple Watch came in.
3 Mac apps that'll help you avoid distractions and stay focused

3 Mac apps that’ll help you avoid distractions and stay focused

Looking for great apps to help you keep focused and ward off distractions while you're working on your Mac? Here are 3 that are sure to keep your productivity high!
how to use your ipad as a second screen for your mac

How to use your iPad as a second screen for your Mac

Being able to use two screens rather than one can boost your productivity in a big way. Whether you're writing in one screen, and doing research on another, or using one screen to podcast, and view your recording levels on the second screen, the benefits of using two screens are limitless.

Quick tips: How to quickly replace words with emoji in Messages...

Apple has given us so many new ways to communicate with the Messages app in iOS10. While stickers might be all the rage right now, emoji still remains king both in social apps like Twitter and Facebook, and in chat apps like WhatsApp and Slack.

How to use Invisible Ink in Messages

The grown up version of Invisible Ink is just one of a number of bubble effects you can add to your messages in iOS 10. The reasons for using Invisible Ink are many. You may be sending or receiving sensitive information, just having fun sending a surprise message, and lots more.

How to add apps to your dock in watchOS 3

watchOS 3 has brought some brand new functionality to the side button on your Apple Watch. It can now house your favorite apps for quick access.

How to manage widgets in iOS 10’s Today view

iOS 10 has added some great customization features to the Today view. With informative and useful widgets, you can now see all your most important information right in one place.

How to quickly unsubscribe from mailing lists in iOS 10

Is your Inbox cluttered with tons of mailing lists? While there are a number of services and apps that offer the ability to unsubscribe from newsletters, now with iOS 10 you can do it right from within the native Mail app.

How to share notes from the Notes app in iOS 10

Apple keeps making the stock Notes app more and more powerful with each iteration. Now, in iOS 10 you can share and collaborate on Notes with friends and family.

How to dismiss all notifications using 3D Touch in iOS 10

3D Touch has been a game changing feature in the functionality that it offers, and I still try and find a use case for it all the time. iOS 10 has brought many new features to phones with 3D Touch, and the tip I'll show you today will save you lots of time.

Episode 15: Mario, the Darth Vader Watch, and the quest for...

This week on the App Factor Podcast, Justin and Brian talk about their favorite announcements from the September 2016 Apple Event, what devices they're ordering, Mario!, and more.

The easiest way to rearrange your share sheet

Share and action extensions have been one of the most powerful ways to make things happen between apps. I'm using extensions to edit photos, copy text to different devices, save articles to read-it-later services, and a number of other helpful features. Now there's an easy way to rearrange your share sheet.