7 features that make apple music great

7 features that make Apple Music great

Apple Music is one of the best streaming music services out there. There are a lot of features hidden under the hood in Apple's latest redesign to the app, and they're sure to make your listening experience a lot better.
scheduling availability in microsoft outlook on ios

Scheduling availability in Microsoft Outlook on iOS

Looking for a simple way to share your schedule with colleagues and people outside of your organization? Luckily, Microsoft Outlook has a handy way of sending your available time in an email, without ever having to leave the app.
medical id

How to set up Medical ID and Emergency SOS

Medical ID and Emergency SOS are two features Apple's built into their OS' we hope you never have to use, but could be crucial in an emergency. Here's a step by step guide on how to set them up.
3 useful spotify tips

3 useful tips that make Spotify great

Spotify is one of the most fully featured music streaming apps out there. Use these 3 tips to make Spotify even better, and become a power user of the app!
How to soft reset your iphone 7

How to Force Restart your iPhone 7

It's been there since the original iPhone - a physical Home Button. This button has served many useful purposes - one of which was assisting in resetting your iPhone. On the iPhone 7 and 7+, the process of performing a soft reset has changed slightly.
episode 17 dr phil's imac conundrum

Episode 17: Dr. Phil’s iMac conundrum

This week on the App Factor Podcast, Justin and Brian talk about the premium app culture, follow ups on apps and Dr. Phil steps in and addresses some of Justin's concerns.
how to view voicemail transcriptions in ios 10

Save time with voicemail transcriptions in iOS 10

iOS 10 has given users an easy, time saving way to glance at voicemails without having to listen to them. With voicemail transcriptions, you can find out if a call was urgent, was a spam call, or needs to be acted on.
how to share activity and workout data with watchos 3

How to share Activity and Workout data with watchOS 3

watchOS 3 has included a great, new social feature that encourages friends and family to share their Activity and Workout data right on their Apple Watch. This sparks healthy competition and can help you stay on track when it comes to fitness.
how to set up wifi calling on iphone

How to set up Wi-Fi calling on iPhone

Wouldn't it be great to make phone calls from anywhere? Regretfully, not all mobile phone signals can be available everywhere -- especially in office buildings, hospitals, basements, and other hard to reach locations. Thankfully,...
make sense of your inbox with filters in Mail

Get control of your inbox using filters in Mail

We're all inundated with different types of e-mail each day. iOS 10 has included a handy feature that can help you get to the e-mails you most want to see in your Inbox using Mail.